Exploring the Rich History and Culture of Bucks County

Bucks County, located north of Philadelphia, is home to more than 628,000 people and is renowned for its high quality of life. It is one of Pennsylvania's original counties and has a history that can be seen around every corner. From small rustic and picturesque towns such as New Hope, Doylestown and Yardley, to orchards and farms such as Shady Brook Farm, Styer Orchards, and Solebury Orchards, there is something for everyone in Bucks County. The county is governed by three commissioners who are generally elected every four years and represent the two main political parties.

In the presidential elections, the Bucks have been driven by the general Democratic trend that has spread through the Philadelphia area, although the trend in Bucks has been less pronounced than in Delaware and Montgomery. At the end of the 19th century, Bucks County's main industry was still mainly agricultural, however, the area known as Bristol began to flourish with textile and iron factories. The Bucks County Library System was founded in 1956 by a resolution of the Bucks County Commissioners. The southern third of the county between Philadelphia and Trenton, New Jersey, often called Lower Bucks, is located on the Atlantic coastal plain, is flat and close to sea level, and is the most populated and industrialized area in the county. A walk through Bucks County offers views of the picturesque Delaware River, stone farms dating back to the American Revolution, covered bridges, quaint boutiques, modern malls, industrial complexes, and much more. There are plenty of fantastic state parks, rare natural attractions, and cultural sites to keep the whole family busy.

One of my favorite things to do in Bucks County is visit the museum which highlights the work of Bucks County artists. The suburban paradise came to Bucks County in 1951 with the birth of the second “Levittown” (the company founded by William Levitt; the first was built on Long Island) in lower Bucks County. Nearly all of the county's covered bridges are located in the northern half of the county and are great places to take a quick detour while exploring. Gently rolling hills, deep well-drained soils, and moderate weather combine to make Bucks County one of the top wine regions on the East Coast. Online news publications such as Levittown Now, Bucks County Beacon, NewtownPanow, Bucks Happening, and New Hope Free Press keep residents up-to-date on all things related to Bucks County. The gold emblem is also the centerpiece of Bucks County's official flag which has a blue background and a gold border. Bucks County's charming towns and main streets are filled with fantastic shopping and culinary delights.

From Sesame Place to coffee shops like Bucks County Coffee Co., there is something for everyone in this suburban paradise. Many artists and writers who live in New York City have lived in Bucks County and have settled mainly in the small stretch between Doylestown and New Hope and along the Delaware River. Bucks County maintains its bustling past by protecting its historic resources. Past present and future blend seamlessly in this 608 square mile county filled with parks quality housing cultural and recreational facilities family fun gourmet restaurants and much more.

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