The Impact of Technology on Politics in Bucks County: A Digital Revolution

Bucks County, founded in 1682 as one of the original counties in the United States, is now home to nearly 650,000 people. In recent years, the county has embraced the latest technology to revolutionize its political landscape. CivicPlus' website design and hosting software, low-code form creation tool, and park and recreation management software have all had a significant impact on politics in Bucks County. The Bucks County Transition Team made a major recommendation to replace the outdated official county website. This was accomplished with the help of CivicPlus' website design and hosting software, which allowed for a more modern and user-friendly website.

This new website has made it easier for citizens to access information about their local government and stay up-to-date on current events. The next step in Bucks County's digital transformation will be to migrate to the CivicPlus park and recreation management solution. This solution will enable better management of parks and recreational facilities, as well as improved communication between citizens and their local government. It will also provide citizens with more opportunities to get involved in their local community. The impact of technology on politics in Bucks County is undeniable. By taking advantage of the latest technology, Bucks County has been able to revolutionize its political landscape and provide citizens with better access to information about their local government.

The county's transition team has made great strides in improving the digital landscape, and it is likely that other counties will follow suit.

Alfred Westall
Alfred Westall

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