What is Bucks County, Pennsylvania Famous For?

Bucks County, Pennsylvania is a county located in the southeastern part of the state. It is governed by three commissioners, who are generally elected every four years and represent the two main political parties. Today, Bucks County is the fourth most populous county in Pennsylvania. Tourists flock to cities such as New Hope, Doylestown, Bristol, Perkasie, Newtown, and Yardley for their rich history, picturesque landscapes, and abundance of food, beverages, accommodations, and attractions. The county is renowned for its small rustic and picturesque towns, as well as popular attractions such as Sesame Place and Shady Brook Farm.

Coffee aficionados can also enjoy Bucks County Coffee Co., while wine connoisseurs can visit one of the 10 wineries offering a variety of sweet fruit wines and European-style dry wines. Bucks County is also home to a number of theater companies, including the Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope and the Bristol Riverside Theatre. The Bucks County Civil War Museum is a great place to learn about the contributions of Bucks County residents during the Civil War. The county is within easy reach of eastern Mississippi's largest population centers, markets, and consumers. It is also a major transportation hub for the movement and distribution of goods along the East Coast. The gold emblem is also the centerpiece of Bucks County's official flag, which has a blue background and a gold border. Each year, the Bucks County Planning Commission prepares the Municipal Directory, which provides an annual update of government officials serving Bucks County.

The southern third of the county, between Philadelphia and Trenton, New Jersey, often called Lower Bucks, is located on the Atlantic coastal plain and is flat and close to sea level. Bucks County has earned a reputation as a haven for playwrights, actors, composers, and artists. James Gould Cozzens lived in Lambertville, New Jersey just across the river from Bucks County and used Doylestown as a model for the setting for two novels; he is considered a Bucks County artist. Bucks County forms part of the northern boundary of the Philadelphia-Camden—Wilmington metropolitan statistical area. Philadelphia International Airport, located south of Bucks County; Lehigh Valley International Airport to the north in Allentown; and Trenton-Mercer Airport in Trenton, New Jersey are three of the most used airports in the area. Before the Civil War, Bucks County was an important place for people fleeing slavery and heading north. It's particularly stunning in autumn when you can get a bird's-eye view of Bucks County's foliage.

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