Discover the Unique Wonders of Bucks County, PA

Bucks County, Pennsylvania is a vibrant and unique area with plenty of attractions and activities to explore. Governed by three commissioners, who are generally elected every four years and represent the two main political parties, Bucks County is home to many specialty stores, orchards and farms, wineries, museums, theaters, and more. The southern third of the county between Philadelphia and Trenton, New Jersey, often called Lower Bucks, is located on the Atlantic coastal plain, is flat and close to sea level, and is the most populated and industrialized area in the county. Many artists and writers living in New York City have lived in Bucks County, and have settled mainly in the small stretch between Doylestown and New Hope and along the Delaware River.

At the end of the 19th century, Bucks County's main industry was still mainly agricultural. However, the area known as Bristol began to flourish with textile and iron factories. The Bucks County Library System was founded in 1956 by a resolution of the Bucks County Commissioners. Bucks County is home to 10 wineries offering a variety of sweet fruit wines and European-style dry wines such as Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc.

You can also find plenty of places to stay in Bucks County, including cozy bed and breakfasts and contemporary hotels. The 80 acres of this Bucks County farm and orchard are filled with fruit trees and berry bushes that invite visitors to pick their own or buy them directly at the market. Northampton County was formed in 1752 from a part of Bucks County, and Lehigh County was formed in 1812 from a part of Northampton County. At least one person mentioned coffee, which I assume refers to Bucks County Coffee Co.

The Bucks County Civil War Museum is even more detailed and analyzes the contributions of Bucks County residents, especially the 104th Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiment (Ringgold). In the presidential elections, Bucks has been swept away by the general Democratic trend that has spread through the Philadelphia area, although the trend in Bucks has been less pronounced than in Delaware and Montgomery. These include state parks, bike trails, horseback riding opportunities, farmers markets, a castle, a railroad, stores, the Bucks County River Region, breweries, a wildflower preserve, and much more. Nowadays you can take an educational tour by car to follow the subway stops in Bucks County.

Twenty years later, the Bucks County portion of the Delaware Canal waterway from Bristol to Easton opens. The county has numerous local theater companies including the former and recently reopened Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope, Town and Country Players in Buckingham, ActorsNet in Morrisville, and the Bristol Riverside Theatre - a professional Equity theatre in Bristol. You'll find many unique specialty stores in the various cities of Bucks County.

Bucks County House of Jerky

, Covered Bridge Coffee Roasters, and Brad's Raw Chips are some of my favorites. You'll also find stores that sell jewelry, clothes, candles, and more. One person mentioned small rustic and picturesque towns while others were more specific and said New Hope, Doylestown and Yardley. Some people answered: Sesame Place.

Orchards and farms were also popular responses. Some of those that were specifically mentioned were Shady Brook Farm, Styer Orchards, and Solebury Orchards. James Gould Cozzens lived in Lambertville just across the river from Bucks County; he used Doylestown as a model for two novels; he is considered a Bucks County artist. From specialty stores to wineries to theaters to museums to orchards to farms to coffee shops - there's something for everyone in beautiful Bucks County! Whether you're looking for a day trip or an extended staycation - you won't be disappointed with all that this Pennsylvania county has to offer.

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