The Power of Public Opinion Polls in Bucks County Politics

Election law allows 17-year-old high school students to work as paid employees at the polls, even though they are not eligible to vote. This fall's elections will determine which party controls the Board of Commissioners and the Bucks County Board of Elections, which is responsible for overseeing election administration in the county. Recent surveys on the race for three seats on the Bucks County Board of Commissioners have revealed a tight competition between Democrats and Republicans. Bob Harvie, Diane Marseglia, Gene DiGirolamo, and Pamela Van Blunk are the candidates vying for the three seats.

According to the poll, Harvie, who currently chairs the commissioners, came in first with 39%, while Van Blunk, the current Comptroller of Bucks County, won the support of 36% of the voters. Steve Santarsiero, who chairs the Bucks County Democratic Committee, expressed confidence that the Democrats will gain more traction as more people become familiar with the candidates. Each of Bucks County's 307 electoral districts will use election books on digital tablets to enroll voters and verify signatures. As of Wednesday, more than 79,000 ballots had been mailed to Bucks County voters out of the approximately 98,200 approved ballot requests. Mail-in ballots on demand are available at Bucks County elections offices in Doylestown, Quakertown, and Bristol, or at the Montgomery County Election Services office in Norristown. Pat Poprik, president of the Bucks County Republican Committee, was “pleasantly surprised” to see the results of the poll.

This is also the first general election since new legislative and congressional maps were drawn up for some voters in Bucks County to elect their representatives in new districts. Pennsylvania will host one of the most important elections in the nation on Tuesday, and Bucks County citizens are ready to make their voices heard and their votes count. Public opinion polls play a critical role in politics by providing insight into how people feel about certain issues and candidates. They can help inform decisions about which candidates to support and which policies to pursue. By understanding public opinion polls in Bucks County politics, citizens can make informed decisions about who they want to represent them in government. This knowledge can help ensure that their voices are heard and their votes count.

Alfred Westall
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