The Democratic Party in Bucks County: An Overview

The Bucks County Democratic Committee is proud to showcase the Democratic candidates who will be on the ballot this year. The current county commissioner, Bob Harvie, and Diane Ellis-Marseglia, a former clinical social worker, are both up for re-election. The office phone of Patricia Poprik, president of the Bucks County Republican Committee, has been ringing nonstop since Tuesday's red wave of Republican voters in the municipal elections. The Bucks County Republican Party is energized and Democrats are strategizing for next year's midterm elections.

John Cordisco, Chairman of the Bucks County Democratic Committee, has declared that the party will back Attorney General Josh Shapiro in his bid for governor. Bob Harvie's experience as a teacher reflects his dedication to building a better Bucks County for families and future generations. Patti and Gerry have two children who were born and raised in Bucks County and are now married with children of their own. According to the State Department, there is a vacancy and a retention election for the Bucks County Court of Common Appeals this year.

Diane Ellis-Marseglia and Bob Harvie have both stated that the message from Tuesday's election was clear: Bucks voters are discontented with the state of the nation. Matthew Weintraub appears on the Republican ballot as a judge of the Bucks County Court of Common Appeals. The turnout for Tuesday's election was reported to be around 40%, a record for a municipal election. Terry Madonna, a political analyst from Lancaster, has noted that suburban areas such as Bucks County have become major concerns for Republicans this year.

Republicans and Democrats represent about 83 percent of all Bucks County voters, with nearly 93,000 voters tending to vote for candidates who most closely match their political views. Kris and her husband Rocco have raised their two daughters in the Pennsbury School District and she currently serves as the director of community engagement at the Bucks County Opportunity Council. The president of the Bucks County Court of Common Appeals, Judge Wallace Batemen, appointed three judges to serve on the county Board of Elections on Wednesday since all three county commissioners are running for re-election.

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